About Us

Premier Audit and Consulting LLC was founded and commenced its business activities in 2012 with clear objectives to create a strong, multifaceted consulting service organization. The company specializes in providing accounting, tax and a wide range of consulting services to its customers. Delivering excellence to our customers has enabled us to grow not only in the local market but also abroad.

Starting from 2012, Premier Audit and Consulting LLC became a participating firm of Praxity Global Alliance which is award-winning Alliance of global independent accountancy, tax and business consulting firms. It is worthwhile to note that Praxity possesses 7th position amongst all Accounting Associations. Praxity Global Alliance became Winner of the International Accounting Bulletin Association of the Year 2014 and Rising Star Association of the Year award 2013. A strong ties with Praxity and highly qualified professionals employed at Premier Audit and Consulting LLC allows us to deliver high valued add to your company through our services.

Premier Audit and Consulting LLC is a member of Chamber of Auditors of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Equipped with wide industry knowledge and a range of professional skills, our experts will help your business to overcome, mitigate and manage operational risks and challenges. We strongly believe that our company can bring a great deal of value and benefit to you through our services, insight and involvement. We – with our staff, with our opportunities are ready to cooperate with you and bring value to your business


Vision, Mission and Values

Vision – Our Vision is to be recognized as the most trusted and respected service organization by our clients for delivering excellence. This will be accomplished by creating a culture of pride and passion that will enable us to continue attracting and retaining the best and brightest professionals, who will be rewarded, recognized and respected for their contributions to our firm that is founded on shared core values.

Mission – Our mission is to become a professional audit and consulting firm offering a broad range of services in order to exceed the needs of our clients by fostering an environment that encourages growth and passion for our core values.

Values – In order to fulfill our Vision and Mission statements we need to provide high quality services to our clients on a consistent basis and treat our professional staff as our most valuable asset.