Accounting Services

Financial Planning and Review of Year End Reports

We render accounting services and carry out book keeping of your organization on a professional basis. Quality level and professionalism is always supported and improved with the assistance of experts of department of audit. Our accounting services are available to any enterprises, small, medium or large, in various industries and lines of business. Our experts rendering accounting services or carrying out book keeping of your company will check all arriving and proceeding documentation relating to conformity to the concluded contracts and requirements of the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, will treat all such records with care and diligence required and will provide an opportunity to be prepared to address any questions, inquiries, etc. from the official regulatory bodies. Our accounting services offer an individual approach to work with the reporting of your company as there is no “one size fits all” solution to rendering accounting services. We carefully adhere to these standard and build the relationships one person at a time, tailoring them to your specific needs.

Here is a representative list of the services we provide:

• Accounting services in primary, current and constant accounting consultation;

• Accounting services in drawing up of a registration policy;

• Services in inventory carrying out;

• Accounting services in conducting separate sites of accounting;

• Accounting services in preparation and drawing up of the accounting reporting;

• Accounting services in preparation and drawing up of zero balance;

• Accounting services in book keeping statement;

• Accounting services in restoration of book keeping and the tax account;

• Accounting services in drawing up of schemes of the account of separate financial and economic operations;

• Accounting services in reporting granting in tax departments and funds.