Audit Services


If your company wants to raise a new debt from external parties or attract potential investors, then it is critical to build a strong and healthy stakeholder trust by providing reliable and fair information about the financial situation of the company. In order to achieve this objective, Premier Audit and Consulting LLC offers a range of audit services which will mitigate any potential risks and exposure to unpleasant situations. Among our services are:

- Internal Audit
 - External Audit
 - Operational Audit
 - Compliance Audit
 - IS Audit
 - Project Audit

We provide auditing and bookkeeping services at all levels and stages of your enterprise - from a startup, growing business to a middle-level to a mature business. We carry out an audit of financial statements on a half yearly and yearly basis.

You can with full confidence entrust us with your auditing and accounting issues of your business. An audit report about reliability of the accounting documentation is the certificate of openness and a transparency of activity of your firm that, undoubtedly, will raise its appeal to partners and will increase its rating, as stable member of enterprise community in the opinion of state structures. We work fairly, quickly and effectively. We are very sensitive to all confidentiality matters and will, at all times, preserve the confidentiality of your business information.